Past Performance


Adaptive Training Solutions 

In July 2011, the Office of Naval Research asked us to perform a needs analysis for adaptive training solutions in submarine navigation and piloting.  Over the next 6 months, we analyzed data from actual submarine navigation and piloting training events throughout the submarine force and identified four key use cases. [N00014-11-M-0357]


Systems Modeling

In August 2011, the Office of Naval Research asked us to begin what became an almost four year effort to develop a system of systems model of submarine decision-making.  This work was used to help support the development of several advanced technology prototypes that were transitioned for use on board U.S. Navy submarines. [N00014-11-C-0463]


Submarine Adaptive Training

In June 2013, Sonalysts, Inc., asked Kern Technology Group, LLC, to provide expertise in submarine adaptive training as they developed an advanced technology prototype for an electronic support system.


Human Performance Variability  

In August 2013, the Office of Naval Research asked us to engage in a four year effort to explore how variability in human performance affected the ship design process. This work was used to help support the development of two advanced technology prototypes for U.S. Navy Surface Forces. [N00014-13-C-0066]


Advanced Tactical Decision Aid for Acoustic Counter-Detection

In July 2014, the Office of Naval Research awarded us a contract to develop an advanced tactical decision aid for acoustic counter detection.  We teamed with John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory to present a unique approach to this challenging submarine problem.


Submarine Concept Development

In November 2014, System Planning and Analysis, Inc., asked us to assist in the development of a new submarine concept for the SSBN Security Technology Program.  This work resulted in recommendations on how the concept could be moved forward.


INSURV Concept Development

In February 2015, Executive Leadership Group, LLC (ELG), asked us to help them with concept development for the U.S. Navy Board of Inspection and Survey.  We helped principals at ELG develop and present a methodology for engaging U.S. Navy stakeholders in a "Smarter" INSURV methodology.


Undersea Warfare Tactical Review

In February 2015, the CNA Corporation invited us to participate in an Undersea Warfare Tactical Review.  We worked with a diverse group of submarine experts and contributed to a final report provided to the Commander, U.S. Submarine Forces.


Advanced Technical Prototype Development

In February 2015, Sonalysts, Inc., asked us to assist them in the development of an advanced technical prototype for an Operational Status Board for use on board U.S. Submarines.  In prior work, we had developed processes for moving data between local area networks on a U.S. Navy submarine.  We helped Sonalysts by providing a detailed use case analysis and data migration strategy for how the status board might be employed.


Undersea Laser Development

In January 2016, TechOpp Consulting, Inc., asked us to provide submarine expertise in the commercialization of an undersea laser.  We helped TechOpp Consulting meet a contact at the Office of Naval Research who was interested in the laser development.


Intermediate Level Maintenance Metrics Development

In April 2016, AECOM asked us to assist the submarine force in the development of Intermediate Level Maintenance Metrics.  Working directly for Submarine Force repair and maintenance force leadership, we have developed a comprehensive data strategy for continual monitoring of submarine force material and life-cycle readiness.


Mixed Reality Training Prototype Development

In August 2017, Sonalysts, Inc., asked us to assist in the development of a mixed-reality training prototype intended to train Virginia-class submarine pilots.  We contributed by conducting a detailed requirements analysis to better understand the future submarine force ship control trainer needs.